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Straight Forward Chiropractic Health Care from a Palmer College of Chiropractic Doctor. Over 30 years of experience using the best chiropractic adjusting equipment and techniques on the market today.  

Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills  and Phoenix

Dr. Robert E. Street
10613 North Hayden Rd.  J-107 Scottsdale, AZ   85260

Gonstead, Thompson, Activator, Diversified and a large number of Dr. Street's own techniques that he has developed over the years. Dr. Street uses the five essential steps to diagnose and treat your spinal health conditon.
Thompson Adjusting Tables are the "top of the line" chiropractic adjusting tables.  The adjustments are easy, pain free, stress free, and produce excellent results with the proper chiropractic adjusting techniques.  
Being diagnosed and treated properly 
requires these:


Step One:  Spinal X-rays.  (Without x-rays, a doctor can always make an educated guess as to what is going on within your spine, however with x-rays you can see the whole picture.)  "When it comes to your health care, I prefer to see the whole picture."

Step Two:  The adjusting equipment should allow the patient to stand and then ride the table down to a prone position.  If you are asked to climb on or off the table, the real condition causing your problem can be missed or your adjustment my not be what you need.  (A good example of missing the real conditon is the help you seem to get from an adjustment, however the problem keeps coming back over and over again.)  

Step Three:  Leg length check should be performed on each and every visit.  Failure for a doctor to examine any differences will result in failed care.  Your spinal balance on a daily basis dictates your spinal stress and either prevents muscle damage (when the spine is balanced) or can be the leading cause of muscle damage, nerve damage spinal damage and spinal degeneration. (when the spine is not in balance

Step Four:  Leg length check should be performed while having the patient turn his/her head right and left. Failure for a doctor to perform this test will result in the wrong, or only part of your spinal condition being treated.  (If not checked, the adjustment you get will probably be completely wrong, or just half of the conditions will be treated.)

Step Five:  Being adjusting properly from the results found in the top four steps. If these steps are not performed the doctor is leaving conditions undetected within your spine.  The difference; getting long lasting great chiropractic results compared to short term relief or no relief at all.  ("Short term relief" allows muscles to continually be re-damaged with each reoccurring pain; adding to long term muscle damage.

Find out why these Five Steps are so important to your health and proper chiropractic health care.  Call Dr. Street personally at 
480-483-0553 and set up a FREE informative 20 minute consultation.  Dr. Street's spinal health care results are the best in the Valley.
We treat patients from Tempe, to Tramonto, Phoenix to Glendale, New River to Founatain Hills, Glendale to Messa, and of course, Scottsdale, AZ.
Google  Reviews
Karen G.
Phoenix, AZ

"I've been seeing Dr. Street regularly for nearly two years. I am convinced he is a key reason I am able to maintain my highly active lifestyle. Two years ago I wasn't sure I was going to be able to continue distance running. The pain in my lower back and hips was keeping me from even wanting to run some days. Sometimes I couldn't even stand comfortably. My GP doc was at a loss, but Dr. Street picked up on some issues I was having. After just a few sessions with Dr. Street I was running pain-free once again. Distance running is hard on your body, and Dr. Street has rescued my body from periodic 'break-downs" in the course of my training." 

"Dr. Street takes the time to explain to you what is going on with your body and what he's doing during the adjustment process. He's patient -- let's you ask questions, talk about your issues -- and he's is GENTLE. On top of being a great chiropractor, he's a great guy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

Thompson Tables Make the Best Chiropractic Care a "Breeze"

Thompson tables allow the table to place you in position with your balances and stablalizations left in tact so that the real reason for your condition can be located.

As with anything, proper evaluation of a condition makes all the difference in the world.

This table allows you to recieve the best adjustments possible at virtually stress free, pain free ease, with optimum results.

No crawling on and off a flat bench table which can be difficult and can easily hide your real condition.