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The Street Technique Series:

  Shoulder, clavicle upper arm Series.
  Wrist, hand, elbow thumb and finger Series.
  Femur, hip Series.
  Knee Series.
  Ankle, foot Series.
  Post motion Cervical Series.
  Hemorrhoid Series.
  Sinus Series,
  Corrective Spinal Care Series.
  Scoliosis Correction Series.
  Inner ear Pain Series.
  Quick Relief, Severe Low Back Pain Series.

Regular Chiropractic Techniques:

 Corrective care for Scoliosis

Thompson Adjusting Equipment

Thompson tables allow the table to place you in position with your balances and stablalizations left in tact so that the real reason for your condition can be located.
As with anything, proper evaluation of a condition makes all the difference in the world.
This table allows you to recieve the best adjustments possible at virtually stress free, pain free ease, with optimum results.
No crawling on and off a flat bench table which can be difficult and can easily hide your real condition.

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We Correct Scoliosis 

The leading cause of herniated discs, onset and development of spinal degeneration and long term damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons of the spine.

Most forms of Scoliosis originate from balance problems within the low back and hip area.  We have treated this type of scoliosis with over a 95% success rate at reducing the scoliosis by well over 80%.

Further note that when the back curves the disk spaces wedge.  This is the leading cause of herniated disk conditions.

Correction of the Scoliosis reduces herniated disk conditions and helps to prevent possible future disk rupture or degeneration.

Many people are not even aware of the amount of lifelong damage a curvature of the spine can produce.  For many there is no constant pain telling you that it's taking place.  We can examine you and tell you if you are developing Scoliosis or have it at the present time.  

This Months Special Offer:

"So many people are mis-led when it comes to spinal health care related conditions. Even the idea that spinal degeneration, disc disease and arthritic changes are results of the body not funtioning correctly. However, most of these conditons are actually the body working properly under undetected and non-treated circumstances. There is so much more to know about these issues, as well as straight forward chiropractic health care and what it can do for you."  

We are here to help you find answers:

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Dr. Street Offers Many Different Chiropractic Technique's and Many
Specilized Technique Series that He has Developed Over Many Years of Practice
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